This WordPress blog actually serves several personal interests of mine. First, working in technology, a fast changing industry, I have always found a helpful to stay abreast of the various popular technologies is by using them. Sounds obvious, however, you don’t always get an opportunity within the company that you work with to use them. So this blog, or site, is my opportunity to use WordPress, explore the various plug-in’s and customization options available and likely develop and showcase some of my own work.

Secondly, I have various other interests including music, art, spiritual endeavors, etc. I’ve done a number of projects or writings on these topics and I thought this might serve as a repository of things I’ve worked on or plan to in the future.

Thirdly, and most difficultly, it would be interesting to see what it takes to generate public interest in such a site, particularly with the viral popularity of social media.  Ideally, people find my site, find the things that I’m posting useful to them and interact with the site in some level.

Lastly, you may see advertising for my Amazon web store, who knows maybe something will intrigue you and you’ll buy from it.

At the moment, I have comments turned off, so if you want to send me feedback, please feel free to do so via Contact Me.